Artifact 1 - Desktop Publishing Resource - Test Study Test Method Flyer/Poster

308003619 NATASHA DEOSARAN FULLERTON - ASSIGNMENT 2 - DTP - Test Study Test Method - Learning to Spell.pub (235,5 kB)


Instructional Purpose / Intended Level / How is will be used

This flyer was created using Microsoft Publisher 2003. The flyer was created to be used in the lesson entitle Spelling - Test Study Test Method. The flyer contains the steps to be taken in memorizing spelling words. The Flyer will be used by standard four students. During the lesson, the flyer will provide a guide for practice. Students will be allowed to carry flyer at home where it can stuck up to remind students of the step while studying for weekly spelling test. 


Advantages of using Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing and graphic design can not only make documents easier on the eye but when used correctly, enhances visual communication and streamlines the process of disseminating information of all kinds. DTP is an important tool that can enhance communication by making it possible to quickly and efficiently produce printed and electronic documents. It allows the user to rearrange text and graphics on screen, change typefaces as easily as changing shoes, and resize graphics on the fly, before finally committing a design to paper. DTP makes it easier and less expensive to produce flyers, posters, worksheets.


Artifact 2 - Digital Photostory

308003619 Natasha Deosaran Fullerton PhotoStory.wmv (1,5 MB)


Instructional Purpose / Intended Level / How is will be used


PhotoStories allow teachers to share and model their knowledge of this technology. In this artifact, PhotoStory was used to promote standard 5 student's reflection of a field trip to Tobago. Students would reflect on their experiences and what they learned from the field trip. These reflections could be paired with and narrated over images from the field trip. The final product would be a personal narrative that will be shared with the class.


Advantages of using Digital Photostory

Photo Story 3 is available as a FREE download from Microsoft. The easy to follow steps and directions makes this technology user friendly (for teachers and students). Photo Story 3 builds on research skills used in many areas of curriculum. Photo Story 3 can be integrated into any curriculum. Photo Story 3 is user friendly technology that would benefit most classes. It can be applied to most curriculum areas as a tool for presenting information or as an alternative assessment tool. Photo Story 3 can be utilized by the teacher to create a sophisticated presentation or by the student to fulfill an assignment requirement. Teachers and students will enjoy using this non-traditional tool as a communicative tool.

Artifact 3 - PowerPoint Multimedia Resource - The Five-Paragraph Essay

308003619 NATASHA DEOSARAN-FULLERTON The Five-Paragraph Essay.ppt (355 kB)


Instructional Purpose / Intended Level / How is will be used

The PPP “The Five-Paragraph Essay” was designed to familiarize students with the structure of the five-paragraph essay. It enables students to see the structure in a given paragraph and therefore have a better concept of what the essay should be. After viewing and reviewing the PPP, it is hoped that students can structure their own writing around the structure presented.


Advantages of using PowerPoint Multimedia

PPP allow the integration of multiple media sources in presentations and so one can incorporate photos, video and audio pieces in a single presentation. Presentations can have links to the Internet, allowing presenters to share the most updated information with media that engages students. PPP is a great resource among teachers since teachers can share lessons and lecture presentations easily on a flash drive or through email as well as easing the workload of putting together the presentations without ever having to meet.

One of the most beneficial aspects of using PPP alongside instructions is that students who are absent can be given the presentation and thus receive the same information as those who were present. This will help students to keep from falling behind, especially when the students have excused absences.

Artifact 4 - Webquest - Mercury, Mars or Venus?



Instructional Purpose/Intended Level/How is will be used


Mercury, Mars or Venus was designed for a Standard 5 Class. These 10-12 year old students are interested technology and are quite savvy with the use of computers and the internet. They are quite familiar with downloading music, looking at your tube videos and sending messages via facebook and email. Given their enthusiasm with computer and the internet I think a web quest would be quite an interesting experience for them. The various websites offer simulations of the movement of the solar system, diagrams, pictures and satellite imagery which make the abstract concept more real to students.


Advantages of using Webquests

There several advantages of incorporate webquests in the classroom. It provides

  • opportunities for cooperative and collaborative group work
  • highly motivational - authentic; inquiry-based
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Critical, creative, and higher order thinking skills{comparing, classifying, inducing, deducing, analyzing errors, constructing support, abstraction and analyzing perspectives}
  • Opportunities to integrate technology into the curriculum
  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Appropriate links included therefore student do not waste time looking for website
  • Adaptable to fit students' needs
  • Authentic assessment - purposeful processes and products
  • Multiple sources of information{ analyzed, transformed and then learning is demonstrated through  sharing presentations}
  • Either short term or long term


Artifact 5 - Podcast or Vodcast

The Rights of a Child.mp3 (1,7 MB)


Instructional Purpose/Intended Level/How is will be used

This podcast was designed to introduce students of standard 5 to UNICEF"s Convention on the Rights of the Child. The podcast seeks to highlight the plight of children around the world and therefore building the awareness in students that children like themselves suffer many injustices and like them have eight basic rights. It is hoped that students, after listening to the podcast, would develop an understanding of their right so that they can exercise their rights.


Advantages of using a Podcast

Podcasts can be created from original material by students and teachers or existing audio files can be downloaded for classroom use.
Creating a podcast allows students to share learning experiences. It provides them with a world-wide audience that makes learning meaningful and assessment authentic. Teachers can use the technology to provide additional and revision material to students to download and review at a time that suits them. The flexibility that such time-shifting offers makes podcasting a valuable educational tool.

Artifact 6 - Storyboard

308003619 Natasha Deosaran-Fullerton Storyboard.doc (333 kB)


Instructional Purpose/Intended Level/How is will be used

The story board above can be used to introduce and reinforce various comprehension skills such as sequencing and predicting outcome. It can also be utilized in creative writing as a tool where students can use the images to write a story or review a book. The storyboard was created using Toondoo (https://www.toondoo.com/) which provides teachers and students with the opportunity to create their own editorial cartoon or graphic novel.


Advantages of using a Storboard

A storyboard can be used to show growth, change or development within any area of the curriculum. Each step is a separate image that shows how the subject changes over time. Storyboards are useful to show how something is made, as in a recipe or craft activity; to explain how a process occurs (such as how technology works); to show how objects or places have changed historically; to record environmental or geographic changes; to summarize a narrative or even to plan a short film or video.


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