On reflecting on my experiences with the course EDTK3202, Use of Media and Production of Educational, I am left feeling hopeful that I am better able to use desktop publishing, PowerPoint presentation, photography, the internet, and, prerecorded audio and video, to present more interesting lessons to my students. I attempted to use a variety of subjects cross the curriculum to prove that media and technology has a place in all areas of the curriculum. I also selected areas that are traditionally difficult for students such as spelling, the multiplication tables and creative writing. On reflecting on my experience over the last few weeks I realize that the use of media and technology appeals to and aids all types of learners. All sessions were met with great enthusiasm by students as it was fun, easy and had a direct impact on student achievement and developing their love for learning.

    My first venture was desktop publishing and spelling. On introducing the flyers ‘Test Study Test Method’, developed using Microsoft Publisher, to my students a few weeks ago; I have noticed that 75% of the class are scoring between 80%-100% in their weekly spelling tests. This is a vast improvement since only 40% of my class was scoring between 80%-100% in their weekly spelling tests prior to this lesson.  Not only are students’ scores increasing but their attitude towards spelling test has changed. They are quite excited for their weekly spelling test.  In particular, one boy told me that he did not know how to learn his spelling and with the guide of his flyer he now can. Another student  said that she taught her younger sister how to use the flyer and gave it to her since she had master the test study test method of learning to spell words, after following it repeatedly over the last few weeks.

    My second endeavour was using PowerPoint to create a presentation of the structure of the five paragraph essay. On the day I first presented the “The Five Paragraph Essay” to my students, I noticed that they were absolutely eager and absorbed in interacting with the PowerPoint presentation. During the evaluation section of the lesson, they were required to reorganize the phrases to make up the structure of the five paragraph essay, I was amazed to see that they were independently manipulating the material to figure things out themselves. They absolutely refused my help! Like all the another methods presented in EDTK3202, they promote independent learning, provide a means to review or reinforce lessons while being quite entertaining for students.

    My third mission was developing a webquest using the science topic the solar system. I am not sure who had more fun, me or my students with this one. Putting the webquest together was no small feat and totally enjoyable. On observation, my students were resolute, strong-minded and had a focus I had never seen before when doing the webquest. As an educator, I think my experience has confirmed that media and technology can be used successfully to brighten up dull classes and to get students eyes to light up when engaged in learning activities.

    My fourth undertaking was constructing a digital photostory of a plot for a narrative. Students were excited, attentive and interested in the presentation. Out of the photostory they were able to determine a setting, the characters and follow the sequence of the story as well as determine the high point. I got some excellent pieces of writing. By far this presentation encouraged students to write as they did not have to visualize the events and therefore concentrate on the construction of the essay.  

    My fourth and fifth commission a podcast and vodcast were totally new experiences for me. While it was difficult to hear myself and articulation was difficult to master; the experience was thrilling and I will definitely use these tools in my classroom.

    In all, due to the increased enthusiasm displayed by students given the presentation of media and technology into different areas of the curriculum, I am convinced of the neccisity for it to be used in the teaching learning process. The eagerness and interest that students displayed for each session motivated greater student achievement and resurgence for their keenness for learning. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that I continue using technology as a key tool in educating my students, as it enthuses and support all categories of learners.




Natasha Deosaran Fullerton

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